The new Aussie Comedy Princess of Influence!

Are you sick of boring, celebrity, New Year's Resolutions? Then check out the new Aussie Princess of Influence being called "a cross between Kath & Kim and Steve Irwin". She's a 'tough love' Mum who is the comedy princess of wellness, 'athfash' and inspo! She makes wellness fun and fabulous!
G'Day! Welcome to my 'Aussie Affirmations' video. Be uplifted by such gems as 'You are a kookaburra in a world of bin chickens!' translated by Australia's 'princess of influence' Princess Influenza. Do you have a favourite affirmation?


Can you imagine what would happen if cats were on dating sites? I put a call out to thousands of cat lovers and these are the hilarious cat dating profiles they came back with! What would your cat's profile be?
Join me and my furkids for a funny cat Christmas singalong to 'All I Want For Christmas Is Food' the kitty cat parody version! This is a cat remix of the classic 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' by Mariah Carey but includes my real cats singing along with lots of cute and funny cat Christmas moments.
OMG! This video features over 135 real cute cats at Christmas sent in by you(and a couple of my own)! Laugh out loud as the cats destroy the Christmas tree, play with decorations and look all around adorable! What is the funniest thing your kitty has ever done at Christmas time?
Does your cat have a great nickname? Let me know in the comments below or come and say hi over on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter! I'd love to feature your kitty in one of my videos!
This video features adorable real cats at Christmas as sent in by you! Lots of funny cat moments as the kitties 'help' with the Christmas wrapping, say hello to Santa, get their own sleighs and attack the Christmas lights! What is the funniest thing you kitty has ever done at Christmas time?
All of my kitties have lots of funny nicknames and it turns out they aren't the only ones! I put a call out for other people's funny cat nicknames and these are some of the funniest results! What is your cat's funniest nickname?
Thank you so much to everyone who has been supporting my channel. It really means a lot! This is my very first cat parody song and 'yes' it is meant to sound a bit dodgy, lol, like a kitty cat singing! My real cats 'Chuggly', 'Ton Ton' and 'Ning Nang', actually do 'sing' in this as well.


This parody of Youngblood by Five Seconds of Summer, is for all of the women who are sick of dating the Walking Dead! Can I get an Amen? If you're in the mood for a great revenge song, then this is it!