Sticky Resolutions


So it's January and inevitably those pesky New Years' Resolutions start popping onto the scene. We always seem to have good intentions but somehow one thing leads to another and before we know it, we've fallen off the cart and our resolutions have left the building!

So what does it take to make those New Years' Resolutions stick? Here are some useful tips for setting more 'sticky' resolutions.

1. A year has 365 days

Most of us put so much emphasis on starting our New Years' Resolutions on the 1st of January, that we set ourselves up for failure. When we fail at our goals after the first few days of the year, most of us bail on our resolutions for good. Rather than putting all of that pressure on ourselves to go bolting out of the gate on the 1st of January, why not pace yourself instead? There are 364 other days to start something new. Treat every new day like the 1st of January.

2. Be a tortoise

Instead of setting a huge goal for yourself to achieve right from day one, set yourself a much smaller, achievable goal for the first week of January. When we have a small achievable success early on, we are much more likely to stick to our long term goal. An easy, early success = stickiness!

3. Failure is not failure

Apparently more than 90% of us fail at our resolutions in the very first week of January. We need to be kind to ourselves and acknowledge that this is perfectly normal. Failure is not failure. The very fact that we have tried setting goals for ourselves means we are moving towards change. Failure is just a part of our journey. Don't see failure as something final, it's simply an obstacle on the long term path to success.

4. Accentuate The Positive

Set yourself up for success by focusing on the positives. Ask yourself questions like:
“Have I ever succeeded at something similar in the past? What worked for me that time that I could try again?”

“Do I know someone else who has succeeded? How did they do it? What can I learn from their attempt that might help me achieve my own goal?”

5. It's the 'Why' that makes all the difference

Sit quietly and think about the reasons you want to create this change in your life. The reason 'why' you are wanting to change is the anchor you can return to every time you feel like bailing on your resolution. Create 'why's' that focus on what you love, rather than what you are trying to remove from your life. For example 'I love the feeling of vitality I get when I'm smoke-free!'.

Last but not least, remember to be kind to yourself. Some people are good at 'cold turkey' but others should take the slow route for lasting success. Every day is a chance to 'reset' your resolutions!