Cats On Mats!

Take Me To The Kittens!

By Kitty Von Tastique

It should come as no surprise that I am a big fan of the felines, so when I first heard about ‘Cats On Mats’ it seemed like an idea that was too good to be true! 

Although yoga itself is an ancient practice, so too is spending time with our furry nearest and dearest. Unfortunately, due to urban living, the chance to spend time with a furry friend is not always an option for many, and even if we have got fluffies of our own, the lure of a kitten is hard to pass up.

Sydney Cat Café have come up with an amazing way for cat lovers and kittens-in-need to come together with the creation of their event ‘Cats On Mats’. For 45 minutes, a class full of yogi’s get to Downward Cat with real, live kittens in what has to be one of the most enjoyable forms of exercise ever!

All the kittens are rescue cats looking for homes and some of the class proceeds also go to Maggie’s Rescue, a No Kill animal charity that has a network of foster carers.  

Although technically everyone is there for the yoga, it was a pleasant distraction to have kittens plonk themselves on the front of my mat within grabbing distance, while others weaved in and out of my legs during the Warrior Pose.

Kitten selfies are definitely allowed, and the supervisors will even take them for you if you leave your phone on your mat.

Afterwards we were invited to sit in the kitten play area, equipped with cushions, toys and cat towers, to enjoy a high tea with our new furry friends, who were still full of plenty of energy to keep us entertained as they bounced and tumbled through the tea party.

For anyone concerned about the kittens’ safety during the class I can put your mind at rest. The kitten class is carefully choreographed with multiple supervisors watching over them the entire time. They supervisors also help orchestrate a fair share of kitten visits for all, by tempting the cute, little fuzz balls with toys and carefully posing them for a picture or two while never letting them out of their sight. The kittens are also given plenty of rest times between classes, which are only held a few times throughout the year.

The event was held at the Dominik Mersch Gallery and there was even the chance to hear a talk by My Vet Animal Hospital about our feline friends.

I have to admit that one little lady called Peaches almost made it into my yoga bag to come home with me, had it not been for the three furry divas that already reside at the Von Tastique household.

All of my cats are rescue animals and I can vouch for the fact that they are indeed amazing! I would encourage anyone looking for a new furry friend to adopt a rescue animal into their family. You’ll be saving a life plus, you’ll have your own Purrsonal Trainer to help you Downward Cat or Dog right at home, anytime you please. 

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