In this video I review the new Lush 'naked' cleansers, which are zero waste and packaging free. I review Sleepy Face, Gritty Politti scrub, Like A Virgin, Tea Totaler, Jade Roller and 7 to 3. I have also done a separate video with the moisturisers which will go up very soon.
Hi Lovely Lushies! This video is about my Lushlabs Liverpool Exclusives Haul! I have been so excited about these new Liverpool exclusives and to finally have them in my own hands is so exciting! Not sure that I've got all of my fragrances right, lol, but hopefully you'll have fun watching!
Hi Lovely Lushies! This video is about my Lush 30th Anniversary Bath Bomb Haul from Lush Miranda in Sydney, Australia! In this video I review: Strawberries & Cream, Geode, Harajuku, Black Rose, Lusky Cat, Melusine, Hulder, The Comforter, Groovy Kind Of Love, So White & Blackberry bath bombs.
Check out the amazing #LushLabs FUN exclusives! Which FUN colours would you TOOT or BOOT? CHECK OUT MY LUSH INSPIRED SWAG! MY OTHER LUSHLABS VIDEOS: LUSHLABS SHOWER BOMBS, JELLIES & OILS: LUSHLABS BATH OILS: All of my Lush videos: COME SAY 'HI' ON MY: ▹INSTAGRAM: ▹FACEBOOK: ▹TWITTER: ▹WEBSITE: Big thanks to @alecommy, @sprinkle.of.jay, @glorialush, @jigglyatlush, @shearsgary, @lushpreston for their help with info and photos/footage.
Hi Lovely Lushies! This video is about the #LushLabs vote with reviews of the new Lush Shower Bombs, Lush Shower Jellies and Lush Shower Oils!
Did you vote in the big #LushLabs vote? This is my review of the #LushLabs exclusive scrubs, body masks and the soaps! CHECK OUT MY LUSH INSPIRED SWAG!
Hi Lovely Lushies! This video is about the #LushLabs vote with reviews of the new Lush Bath Oils!
Come in-store with me to check out the Lush Mother's Day range here in Australia including an in-store demo of More Tea & Sympathy, my special Mamma Mia shower cocktail, scent family stories and more! What are your favs from the Mother's Day range this year? CHECK OUT MY LUSH INSPIRED SWAG!
Hi Lovely Lushies! Happy Easter! Sorry my video is a little bit late but we have been waiting on a few products to arrive here in Australia. I talk about that and also review the amazing Lush Easter range this year! What is your Lush Easter fav this year?
Earlier today Lush UK and Lush Kitchen announced they will be closing their social media accounts. This seems like a crazy idea for a company as big as Lush but in this video I'll talk about all the reasons why I believe they are making this seemingly crazy decision.
Are you excited about the opening of the BIGGEST LUSH STORE IN THE WORLD? Lush Liverpool Spa! This is my review/reaction video to this amazing new, 3 story Lush store!
This video is about the Lush Liverpool hair exclusives! Out of the 300 Liverpool exclusives these are some of the most exciting and include the Lush Protein Shampoo, new Lush Co Wash scents, Lush Wasabi Shan Kui, Lush Goddess Hair Moisturiser, Lush #Gains, Lush Hair Pudding and so many more!
Lush Liverpool UK is now the BIGGEST Lush store in the world! They have over 300 exclusives including some amazing fresh cleansers, masks and moisturisers made fresh in store daily. This video is about those amazing fresh products available only at Lush Liverpool plus some of their other exclusive skincare products.
Ever played the drums on a jelly, made a glow in the dark bubble bar or bought a pinatta bath bomb? Then you need to check out this video about the Party Area in the new Lush Liverpool UK store, the biggest Lush store in the WORLD!
Can you believe it? Here is my 10 box Lush fragrance haul! In this Lush haul video I review the Lush Body Sprays, Lush Perfumes and Lush Perfume Oils.
Check out my Lush Haul of the New Bath Melt Tablets & Baubles! You won't believe what happened when I filmed this live as an unboxing. Watch me get the best Lush surprise EVER!
Hi Guys! Thanks for watching my video. This one has my 'kid friendly' Lush Valentines 2019 full range review and haul! It's a big video but full of SO MUCH GREAT GOSS on what is coming up too! Make sure you watch right to the end so you don't miss any of the news!
Hi Guys! Thanks for watching my video. This one has my Lush Empties for 2018 including what I loved and what I hated. What were your Lush Empties for 2018? Have you tried any of these products too? You can see my funny Dr Frankenlush Whoosh Slime video here: Please subscribe for more LOLS, cats, and Lush!
Hi Guys! Thanks for watching my video. This one has my big, Lush Boxing Day sale haul for 2018. I also have some tips on the Lush Boxing Day sales both instore and online. What did you get (or miss out on) in the Lush Boxing Day sales?

Come on a Lush Easter hunt with me for all of this year's Lush Easter goodies! What did you think of the Lush Easter range this year? Did you grab anything to take home?

I can't believe it has been a year since my last Lush Empties video! This one has loads of products, some fun trivia and tales of Lush Hoarding lol! What are your empties for 2017?

This year's Lush Valentine's range is amazing! I went in store to check it all out and was lucky to film some demos as well! Many thanks to my local Lush for letting me film once again! What did you get in your Lush Valentine's haul this year?

Tis the season for an epic Lush Christmas Haul or in this case HAULS! I've put together all of my Christmas hauls into one huge video full of loads of Lush fun and laughs!

Hey Guys! This is an epic double in store and online haul from the Boxing Day sale! All exclusives and all super fabulous! Did you guys grab any of the Christmas or Boxing Day exclusives?

Hey Guys! This is one of my last Lush Kitchen hauls before they closed. This haul includes the lovely 'Ginger' fragranced products, the 'Aura Suavis' shower gel and 'The Big Sleep' jelly bath bomb.

The Planets is the premium spa treatment in the Lush Spa menu! I'll explain just what it is and why it is totally fabulous. (I was not paid to make this video or have the treatment. This is my own independent review).
It's time to say goodbye to some of my favourite shower gels. I also drag out the ghosts of Lush past! You can order Celebrate Body Lotion for a limited time from here: Keep an eye on Lush Kitchen for the other products.
My Lush Confessions about where I've stuck my bath bombs. After working for Lush in the past, being a long time Lush hoarder and now a Wellness Editor, you know I have some good confessions to tell ;) Subscribe for more great goss, reviews, demos and more!
This is part one of my Lush Oxford St Haul videos! In this one I review Plum Rain, Ponche & Twilight. I talk about 1 kilo bottles and I also eat an Umeboshi plum for the first time! It's lots of fun!!
Hi Guys! Welcome to the first ever 'Snog, Marry, Avoid' for Beauty products! It's SNOG, MARRY, AVOID for Lush perfumes! I've picked the fragrances I'd like to snog, marry and avoid the most! :P
This is the perfect inspo for that person in your life that loves pink or maybe even for yourself! Pink Lush inso by the gallon load. Have fun lovelies! You can order online at or or Cheers! (No I am not paid by Lush) :P WANNA SUBSCRIBE?