Want to know how to wear your Lush knot wrap or scarf? I've got 3 fast, easy styles or looks! - 1940s/50s 'Rosie The Riveter' style, 1920s Gatsby Flapper and 1980s retro Madonna (with a little bit of Hello Kitty). Shout out to Julie & Simone for requesting this one!
Hey Guys! After lots of requests I have done a hair tutorial. This also includes 3 ways to wear accessories with your Suicide Roll (Victory Roll or Barrel Roll) including a Lush knot wrap scarf!
Hi Guys! This is a fun, easy tutorial to create a Zombie Pin-Up / Bride of Frankenstein inspired halloween make-up look! Let me know if you have a chance to try it out and also what you guys are up to for Halloween! Thanks for watching!
This Gatsby/1920's hair and make-up tutorial is vintage inspired, taking the signature vintage looks of this era and tweaking them to be just a little bit more 'modern friendly'. This is the more traditional of my two Gatsby inspired looks but it would also make a really fun day time flapper party make-up and hairstyle!
Hi Guys! Welcome to my basic Pin Up eye make-up tutorial. This is the way I do my eye make-up for my videos and events. You could also use this eye make-up for 1940s and 1950s style vintage looks as well as modern make-up looks. What are your top eye makeup tips and tricks?
This quick inspo video gives you 8 vintage looks from just 1 Lush knot wrap scarf! It's the perfect mash up of Lush & Vintage! There are looks from the 1920s through to today! I will be doing tutorials for some of these looks very soon.
Hi Guys! This is my second hair styling tutorial. I'm not a hairdresser so this is just the way I like to do my own hair. Hopefully you guys will enjoy it too :) You can also check out my single victory roll tutorial here: https://youtu.be/11rE0klmtnI And my vintage scarf video is here: https://youtu.be/DaaPBIFf3tM WANNA SUBSCRIBE?
This tutorial shows you how to use eyebrow stencils to create that defined, glamorous eyebrow shape. Stencils are also perfect for getting pinup style eyebrows as well. They are actually fairly easy to use and I'll show you my tips and tricks to get great eyebrows, using stencils.
Hey Guys! I've finally done a tutorial on false eyelashes. The Eylure 116 lashes I use in this tutorial are my favourite lashes to wear and very easy to put on. I hope you guys find this tutorial with my top tips and tricks useful and if you have any tips or questions just let me know :) Thanks!
This video takes you through my beauty basics from moisturisers to primers, then on to super easy contouring, foundation and concealer. I'm not a make-up artist but I do love make-up and I always try to keep it cruelty--free! Guys if you enjoy the video let me know and I would love it if you subscribe!
Ever wondered how to use highlighter? In this video I do a review of the fantastic, cruelty-free illuminizer by Josie Maran plus a super easy tutorial on how to apply it too! :) WANNA SUBSCRIBE HERE ON YOU TUBE?
Welcome to my second Vintage On Trend Makeup Tutorial! This week's Vintage On Trend has been so much fun! The catwalk look from Betsey Johnson's 'Hot' Collection was definitely 80s inspired, so that made my decision easy re which decade to channel this week.
Welcome to my first Makeup Tutorial I've done to compliment Week 1's clothing look of my new YouTube series, Vintage On Trend. This makeup look is a great mix of the 50s, 60s and modern pinup styles. It is inspired by the look featured in the 'Sweet Sixties' article in Bazaar March 2014, styled by Leith Clark.
This is a fun one! Watch me style four vintage inspired outfits for $50 or less! I thrifted everything from Salvos Opshop at Tempe in NSW. It's the biggest thrift shop in the Southern Hemisphere! I did a 1960's Casual, 1960's Pucci Inspired, 1960s Mod Monochrome, and a Marilyn theme!
In this video I use 60s and 70s pieces to recreate Betsey Johnson's 'Hot' Collection Fall 2014. I give the pieces an 80s feel to create an 'on trend' look with vintage pieces! For more detailed info on this tutorial check out my Vintage On Trend blog (link is below) and make sure you subscribe for all the fun stuff!
Welcome to my new series 'Vintage On Trend'. If you think vintage fashion can't be on trend, then think again, because I'm going to show you how to take gorgeous vintage pieces and style them into today's hottest 'on trend' looks. Vintage just got amazeballs!