Inspired by Sweet Sixties, Bazaar Magazine, March 2014

I was really excited to try this week's look because it has vintage pinup influences from both the 50s and 60s, as well as a strong modern twist. I found it in the UK Harper's Bazaar magazine, in an article called 'Sweet Sixties' styled by Leith Clark. The images have a strong late 50s, early 60s feel and they definitely looked like something I'd like to try to recreate. Plus, this look obviously went perfectly with my Vintage On Trend clothing look this week because it was also inspired by an outfit in the same article (a Miu Miu suit from their S/S 14 collection). 

Stylised pinup looks are my absolute favs. They combine the classic beauty of the original pinup look but then twist it to give it a modern feel. The yellow eyeliner in this makeup look definitely gives it that modern twist to keep it fresh and 'on trend'!

It was actually really tricky finding a yellow eyeliner but at the last minute I spotted one on onBeserk.com by Medusa called NYC Cab. (Apologies I got the name slightly wrong in the tutorial lol!) Beserk were great and got it to me overnight by Express Post - great work guys!

So here are the base products I used. I always put my Benefit 'The Porefessional' primer on first, followed by my Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation. The Kat Von D has impressive coverage, which you really need to pull off a look like this. I finished with Kick Ass concealer by Soap & Glory and then another layer of foundation, in a much lighter colour, by Models Prefer.

Next I put on my lashes. I went for a double set of Eylure 116 Pre-Glued Lashes. They are my absolute favs at the moment because they look both impressive and tidy at the same time lol! I find the Pre-Glued lashes really easy to use and if you mess them up they even give you an extra strip of adhesive. If you mess that one up don't forget you can always use eyelash glue as per usual to put them on. I do this often so I can re-use my lashes. I was pretty surprised to learn lashes take two days to make per pair so I respect mine a lot more now and re-use them many times. I'll actually do a tutorial on how to re-use them one of these days!

Next is blush - I used Benefit 'Dandelion' for a subtle blush (the one on the right).

For eyeshadow I used The Balm in 'Promiscuous Pearl' (below) and Benefit 'Bella Bamba' (above left)

And then the Yellow Eyeliner!!!! Medusa's NYC Cab applied with a brush, followed by Benefit's Magic Ink Eyeliner in 'Jet Black' (another one of my favs) and the mascara I used is Too Faced's 'Better Than Sex'.

Next were eyebrows and I can't recommend highly enough the Christian Eyebrow powder, brush and stencil kits. They are another cruelty free company too which is fabulous!

Then lips! The Chi Chi lipliner in 'Moulin Rouge' went perfectly with the Lime Crime Velvetines 'Red Velvet' and I finished off with a little bit of tasty lipgloss in 'Animal Cracker' by Philosophy.

I had so much fun doing this one and I hope you give it a try too! You can always replace the yellow with another colour if you want to, so the possibilities are endless!!


Have fun week playing with makeup and I'll be back again soon with more Vintage On Trend makeup tutorials! :)

***Unfortunately since filming this tutorial I have come to learn that Benefit may indeed be testing on animals again and that Philosophy's parent company may also be testing on animals. For this reason I no longer recommend them as brands.***