1960s Vintage vs Miu Miu S/S 2014

Welcome to my new series 'Vintage On Trend'. If you think vintage fashion can't be on trend, then think again, because I'm going to show you how to take gorgeous vintage pieces and style them into today's hottest 'on trend' looks. Vintage just got amazeballs!

In this video I've been inspired by Miu Miu's Spring/Summer 2014 collection (in particular their suits) and the 'Sweet Sixties' photo story, styled by Leith Clark, in UK Harper's Bazaar March 2014 issue. Funnily enough this collection by Miu Miu was actually inspired by the 60s, so it seems fitting that I have been inspired to style the look using vintage 60s pieces myself.

I've had this blue suit for years (along with 3 other blue 60s suits as well lol!). Luckily by the 60s they had discovered synthetics, so they tend to be quite easy to care for (I do not love ironing lol!). The little bit of petticoat sneaking out is actually part of the skirt rather than a separate petticoat. Yes, they thought of everything back then!

Although a lot of people would look at a 60s bed jacket (like the one I am wearing below as a blouse) and see something quite daggy, I find them sexy, transparent little tops that can add sass to any outfit. They are beautifully soft and comfortable to wear, nice and cool on a warmer day, or an extra layer on a chilly one. I must admit I own quite a few in a variety of pastel colours and love them to death lol!

The bustier is a Merry Widow by Warner's from the 1950s. It was dyed for me by Cheech Sanchez and then I spent quite a while sewing on the rhinestones lol! 

The glasses were a local find and bought for me by my Dad on a day I was broke, so many thanks Dad for these! Although they are slightly damaged I love the detail on them. I've never seen another pair quite like them.

My bag was a find from the Art & Flea Market in Honolulu. It's reversible and although it is a slightly different style to the Bazaar featured Miu Miu bag, being beaded, this one is actually quite 'on trend' itself in a different way.

Here is a flatlay of my 60's Pastels look. I've used an original, true vintage 1960's skirt suit, vintage 1960's bed jacket as a blouse, dyed vintage gloves (the tutorial for how I dyed these is also on my Vintage On Trend blog), vintage 1970's sunglasses, dyed and blinged vintage 1950's 'Merry Widow' bustier, vintage beaded bag, knitted tights from Target and shoes by Nine West.

I hope this look will inspire to try mixing some vintage pieces into your wardrobe. They are great for the environment and fabulous ways to create a unique look that no one else is ever going to have!


I hope you enjoy Vintage On Trend and have a fabulous week you gorgeous things! :)