1980s Glam vs Betsey Johnson's Fall 2014

Well this week's Vintage On Trend is a glam rock flashback. I decided to recreate Betsey Johnson's runway look using 1960s and 70s pieces but styling them with a 1980s feel. I think it worked and the result was a 'metallic-ah' celebration lol!

I decided to recreate the gorgeous Emerald sequin outfit that was part of the runway collection. I am fortunate enough to already own the stunning vintage 1960s green lurex dress I wore in the video, which I purchased from Sparkle at TheGirlCantHelpItUSA on Etsy (she also has a physical store). Originally it had real fur cuffs but because I only wear faux, I carefully removed the cuffs. This worked out perfectly because it made my vintage dress look even more like the Betsey Johnson piece! 

The Betsey Johnson look also included gloves but rather than go for fingerless I decided to take those in a 1960s direction with some gorgeous gold 'deadstock' gloves I had. They fit perfectly because the theme is metallics and well, they're metallic! Lol!

I went for a tote with the bag because large totes also featured in the original collection. For my look I went with a 1970s bag (thanks to all the vintage fashionistas who helped me to date it correctly!). It's a beaded drawstring bag with fabulous bright colours. I can't remember where it came from, unfortunately, but I've had it for a long, long time.

For the shoes I chose some gold Irregular Choice boots I already owned, that have reproduction lucite heels. Lucite was a popular style of plastic heel back in the 50s and 60s so it was a good fit for the style, and I chose seamed black fishnets (also very vintage).

Here's a pic of some original, vintage lucite heels that I have.

I tried hard to find some matching jewellery but that proved much more difficult than expected. In the end I went DIY and made my own! You'll find the tutorials here.

And finally, to get that great 'rock chick' hair look, I went for Lush's 'Sea Spray'.

I hope you enjoyed this week's Vintage On Trend theme. It was certainly a fun one! Have a great week and stay here...for all the fun stuff!