What You Might Not Know About You Tube, Music, Ethics & Advertising

I had a really great question on my You Tube today (thanks Kaz) about why I am using some of the same music tracks more than once. Here is my reply:

At the moment I'm using the music You Tube provide because I can't afford another music license for a bit (It's close to $2000). I'm looking into cheaper license options but at the moment, the license that suits what I am doing would be this much.

If I use commercial music (popular songs you'd know) without permission, it means You Tube can add ads to my content which I have no control over. I'm trying to avoid this for two reasons, one, because I don't want you guys to be bombarded with ads every time you try to watch one of my videos and two, I have very strong beliefs re ethical production and am against animal testing. A LOT of the commercials they run over beauty or fashion blogs on You Tube are by companies that test on animals.

Obviously I am not going to knowingly promote companies that test on animals so it doesn't leave me a lot of choice. The music they provide for free on You Tube is quite good but there is not a huge variety, hence the repetition. 

Hope that helps explain this! Thanks again for the great question ;) 


Kitty xxx