Vegan Plastic Cheese - Recipe Testing, Trials and Tribulations!

At the moment I am trying to perfect my own recipe for vegan 'plastic' cheese slices. You know those ones that usually come wrapped in plastic?

In my search for the perfect vegan plastic cheese I'm putting my recipe through lots of tests to try to get it just right.

So far I've tried two versions, both with agar (a vegan setting agent that replaces gelatine) and one with xantham gum as well. Taste wise I'm well on track but texture is still a work in progress.

Here are some of my progress pics and I promise to share the recipe as soon as I get it perfected! :P

Pretty darn great on a cracker but not quite rubbery enough. It seemed a bit more like a mousse.

Also good in a sandwich but again needs more rubberiness! 

Melted on close...but needs to melt a little more :P

Watch this space. More tests coming soon! :P

Kitty Von TastiqueComment