Vintage Fashion Haul's - Arrived This Week 24 March 2014

So, this week some amazing stuff arrived in the mail and I thought I'd share it with you. This week's haul includes fashion and accessories from the 50s, 60s and 70s!

My 70s shirt was an Ebay find and only cost $5!! I was super chuffed because it is in as new condition and fits like a glove. I really like 70s shirts because they are super comfortable to wear, usually don't need ironing, wear well over time and also have a lot of character style wise.

My 60s earrings are from Ava at Vera Mode. I loved the bright green colour and as you know, I am a big fan of plastic lol :P

Last, is the gorgeous, 50s, taffeta evening dress, which I found via the vintage clothes facebook group Ooh La La! Vintage Swap & Sell Shop! where I find a lot of my great vintage fashion (thanks again to Lulu Belle Ferarri). Although it's not 100% perfect, the tiny probs were mentioned before I bought it though so no probs and I got it for a great price, so I'm definitely happy with it ;)  (In this pic I'm wearing gorgeous shoes I got at Belles birthday party I mentioned a while ago from Carmel). In the video I've paired it with a vintage faux fur wrap I got a while ago for just $4 at a thrift/op shop, what a bargain!

In the video I'm wearing a necklace that was custom made for me by the talented Lucy Luxxe who makes some fantastic resin pieces. This one has cat eyes featured in it, which I chose to have put in because I thought the pic looked like Chuggly!! :P

One more pic...this is Ton Ton playing with the new earrings. She's Chuggly's big sister :P I hope you liked this week's haul and I'll have another one to share with you really soon. Have a great week gorgeous ones!!! xxx