In 'Cahoots'!


It's the newest, oldest, little gin joint in London town, and it's going to make you want to party like it's 1946!

Take a step inside this one-time wartime bunker and you'll realise just how fun time travel can be! Costumed characters greet you from the moment you arrive at this secret sweet spot, with code words, ticket conductors and glamorous hosts all part of this immersive experience; designed to take you back to 1946, when the war had officially ended and the world was ready to party again.

Head down the escalator styled stairs and you'll find the fictitious Kingly Court Station, chocked to the brim with feel-good wartime memorabilia, sourced largely from nearby Camden Market (well you know, it is the era of 'Make-Do-And-Mend' darlings!) and the vibe is cosy, cheeky and nostalgic.

The club's creators have paid a huge amount of attention to detail creating various 'zones' within the club, including a train carriage, bunker and disused railway station. Cocktail menus are printed like vintage newspapers. Popcorn comes out in old bean cans. The cocktails themselves are served up in everything from milk bottles to tea cups, and you even have your bill delivered with lemon sherbet sweeties! All the while swing tunes play, bringing the appropriate 'then meets so-hot-right-now' tone to the venue.

As a vintage décor and culture fangirl, I was definitely swooning at the amount of effort that has gone into making this a fun, yet authentic experience. Not only does the club bring the 40s to the party on their side, they also have an appreciation for those club goers that make the effort to come in 40s style themselves.

I came dressed in reproduction 1940s overalls and my fellow party goers – Rachel & Lisa from Vintage Life,  Marcella Puppini and the The Tootsie Rollers - were similarly happy to add their vintage glamour to the evening.

Although the cocktails aren't rationed, you will definitely need to plan ahead if you want to take this trip down the vintage rabbit hole. The club has been turning away hundreds of people a week since it opened at the beginning of April, so make sure you use that modern contraption, also known as the internet, to make your booking well in advance.

Cahoots is located at 13 Kingly Court, Soho in London W1B 5PW.

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