Altered Vintage Imagery - The Reimagining of Icons Past

For the last few days I've been fixated on Photoshopping vintage photos to create modern, technicolour alternative versions. I think it is probably because it feeds into my ongoing obsession with mashing up the past and the present. Usually this manifests itself with clothing (like in my Decade Sandwich outfits) but this new outlet is proving a tad addictive. 

There is of course nothing wrong with sticking to a single vintage era, if that's what floats your boat, but me, I love to shake things up a bit. I've also had a long standing crush on colourised vintage postcards and photos and Technicolor films, so I guess this is just an evolution of that crush as well.

So without further ado I give you this week's 'Alt Icons', photoshopped by yours truly! :P

Vintage Vogue - Reimagined with a purple haired rockabilly gal on the cover

Marilyn Monroe - Reimagined as an ice-blue haired, rockabilly diva

1930s Couple - Reimagined as a pair of hip young things complete with coloured hair and a nose piercing

Janet Leigh - Reimagined with pink hair and a sneaky blue bustier

Betty Davis - With mermaid green hair and her leopard print brought to life