TVS said "Yes"! - Our new vintage, eco-fashion & events TV show 'Kitty's Kitschy Days Out' has been approved!

Well I am SO excited to announce that our new TV show 'Kitty's Kitschy Days Out' has been given the green light by Television Sydney! This is a massive step forward for us and we are totally over the moon!

Production has already started and we filmed our first event yesterday, which was the Round She Goes Preloved Fashion Market in Sydney. Our new show will be focusing on vintage, eco-fashion and design events, and we'll be taking you along for the ride as we visit the most amazeballs events Australia has to offer!

We anticipate the show will begin airing on TVS around September and I'll keep you up to date with everything that's happening, right here on the blog ;)

If you have any suggestions for the show re suitable events in either Sydney, Melbourne or Adelaide please get in touch by emailing us at 

Thank so much for everyone's support and encouragement it really means a lot!


Big thanks

Kitty xxx