Kitty's Kitschy Girl's Guide To Hawaii - Vintage Life Article & Video!!

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Well hello there Cats & Kittens!!

My apologies for neglecting my blog lately. I have been super busy with the production of our new TV show 'Kitty's Kitschy Days Out'  and working on our Pozible crowd funding campaign, to raise funds for travelling interstate to film episodes for the series. The Pozible campaign will launch shortly and we are hoping to have the first episodes of the series go to air around August/September. In the mean time I thought I should update you with some of the other exciting things going on in Kitty town :P

I had another article published in Vintage Life magazine recently (May issue). This one was all about the fabulous kitsch and history to be found in Hawaii. We met some absolutely amazing people while we were over there and had some truly kitschy experiences! I decided to edit some of the photos for the article to look like colourised vintage postcards. I'm glad Vintage Life used them this way because I think they sum up the vintage/kitschy travel experience - romanticised, nostalgic and fun. The day we took our photos on Hanauma Bay (my three colourised swimming costume pics) it was one crazy day! We found a spot right up the end of the beach so we could get the shots we wanted. There was an adorable Japanese couple obviously on their honeymoon. They were trying to take photos of each other but obviously couldn't do couple snaps, so I offered to take some for them. It's what I'd love someone to do for me and Mr Kitty if we were in the same situation :P

Unfortunately we got to the beach quite late (you also have to watch a conservation video before you are allowed onto the beach) so we were losing the light soon after we got there. I had to do a quick, sneaky beach change behind a towel to get the pics done in time! The blue velvet swimsuit I am wearing in some of the pics is an original 1940s costume. They just don't make velvet like that anymore. Ah-mazing! The multi-coloured swimsuit is a modern one in a vintage style by Beyond The Sea Swimwear. On the way to the beach I had called in to get some fresh flower lei's made but then like a total novice managed to almost kill them in the surf while I was doing my walk & talk intro we filmed on the same day, for the companion video we did. You can start to see why we ran out of light!

We waited to leave on the very last bus but it was dangerously over full, so we decided to walk to another stop. I had chosen totally the wrong day to wear my flip flops because then we had to hoof it on foot for miles to the next bus stop. Unfortunately the buses had finished for the day there as well and I won't lie we were starting to wonder how we would ever get back to the hotel. We spotted a shopping centre and amazingly there was a cab waiting right there. Phew, panic over!!!!

Make sure you check out both the article and the video to see what else we got up to in Hawaii! I think we need to go back again so we can actually have a holiday this time lol! :P


Kitty xxx