Not Dog Salad - Tastes Like A Hotdog (but with none of the bad stuff!)

I've long been a fan of that mustardy goodness you get in a regular hotdog but was always put off by the traditional, sweaty, ambiguous meaty dog.

So I decided to do an experiment in trying to keep the flavours and familiarity of a hotdog but eliminate as much of the highly processed, high carb bread and dodgy meat elements as I could.

Liquid Smoke!

I have recently discovered the fabulous thing that is 'liquid smoke'. Although traditionally used for flavouring actual meat, it is in fact usually vegan and perfect for flavouring non-meaty dishes as well to give them a smoked flavour.

Just be aware that some brands of liquid smoke do contain soy. As I am allergic to soy I found the brand Wright's to be perfect for me as it is just Water and Natural Hickory Smoke in a bottle and that's it! If soy isn't an issue for you, then you may be able to try another brand ;) It goes a really long way so it should last a while and doesn't cost a lot (I paid about $7). 

Not Dog Ingredients 

2 small carrots (I used organic)

Liquid Smoke - I used Wright's 'Hickory' flavour (diluted for basting as per bottle instructions)

Sesame Oil

Making your Not Dog

Chop the top & tip off your carrots but leave the skin on. Steam in the microwave for 5 mins on HIGH.

Mix your Liquid Smoke as per the bottle for basting (I didn't need a lot so I halved the quantities) I diluted mine in olive oil this time but am working on a less oily way to do this in the future so stay tuned :P I also added a dash of sesame oil as to me it has a nice robust taste.

Fry your carrots, basting with the diluted liquid smoke & sesame oil as they cook (I used a silicon 'brush' and kept brushing it over as they cooked). This is what gives it that fantastic smokey taste!

Other Ingredients

2 Kale leaves (organic)

Pickled Cabbage

Seeded Mustard (organic)

1/4 Avocado

Kinda Bacon 

Wash and chop kale, and place onto a plate as the base of your salad.

Place a layer of the cabbage over the kale. You could also use fresh cabbage too ;) I used store bought German pickled cabbage (because I've never tried it before and thought it would be fun!) I'm hoping to learn to do my own pickling down the track. I've found a class so it's on the 'to do' list! :P 

Pop your carrot 'Not Dog's on top of the bed of kale and cabbage,  then add some chopped avocado, some blobs of the seeded mustard and sprinkle on some Kinda Bacon (coconut fake bacon) chips!

Trust me it is gooooooood! I didn't add any extra dressing because there is already the oil from the Not Dogs, the vinegar in the pickled cabbage and the mustard, so as they mix together you're already covered for flavour ;)

You could also add some fried onions and tomatoes too. I did this in an earlier version and used the fried fresh tomatoes instead of Tomato sauce (or ketchup) ;)


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