My Top Opshop Tips! - How to Style 4 Vintage Inspired Thrifted Outfits Under $50

With National Opshop Week coming up on the 24th August, it's a good time to share the Opshop love here at Kitty Von tastique, although you know I love Opshops all year round ;)

You don't always have to use actual vintage pieces, to create vintage inspired looks. Opshops (or Thrift Shops) are perfect places to pick up vintage style fashion, to create fabulous, unique looks!

In this video I've created four vintage style looks, each costing $50 or less! We filmed this at Salvos Tempe, the biggest Opshop in the Southern Hemisphere! I could spend weeks there just looking for fabulousness!

This is a fun one! Watch me style four vintage inspired outfits for $50 or less! I thrifted everything from Salvos Opshop at Tempe in NSW. It's the biggest thrift shop in the Southern Hemisphere! I did a 1960's Casual, 1960's Pucci Inspired, 1960s Mod Monochrome, and a Marilyn theme!

Outfit #1 - 1960's Casual

My first outfit is a casual 1960's look. I found a really cute pair of shorts with a 60's style pattern and a great, green, knitted top to put together. They were SO cheap! The shorts were by 'Lushous' and $4.50 and the top was by 'Uno Shimada' Japan, and only $6! I also found a fun pair of Apricot/Greay/Cream Peep Toe Heels for just $12. In total the entire outfit was just $22.50 - Bargain!! 

Top Opshop Tip #1

Look for vintage style patterns & fabrics to create a vintage feel. They don't have to be 'actual' vintage, they just have to do a great impersonation. If they look and feel vintage, they will be much easier to pair with actual vintage pieces if you have them.

Screen captured this one, silly me forgot to take a pic on the day :P

Fabulous Heels for just $12!

Outfit #2 - 1960's 'Pucci' Style Mini

Next, I tried styling a 'Pucci' inspired look. I paired a cute, bright, patterned mini with a striped cinch belt and some black heels. The dress was just $10, the belt was $4 and the heels $12 giving the outfit a grand total of only $26!

Top Opshop Tip #2

Keep you eyes peeled for accessories. Who would have thought I could find this belt that matches EXACTLY with the Pucci-esque mini?! 

My 1960's Pucci inspired look.

Outfit #3 - 1960's Mod Monochrome

My third outfit was a 1960s Monochrome Mod look. I found the perfect 'Cue' dress which had never been worn (NOS or New Old Stock, sometimes also called Deadstock). The dress was $20 and the long black boots were $30, giving me an entire mod style outfit for $50.

Top Opshop Tip #3

Look for vintage style cuts and colours. This dress immediately caught my eye because of the shape and colour. Monochrome (black & white)  has been done a million times in fashion, so look for one of the 60s lookalikes on the racks.

1960s's Mod Monochrome Madness :P

Outfit #4 - Marilyn Inspired Eveningwear

Last, I went for something Marilyn inspired. I found this amazing halter dress by 'Review' that was just $15! The oversized, black pearl looking beads were $10 and peep toe heels just $25! Amazeballs! I think we should change the words of that song to 'Salvos are a girl's best friend'!

Top Opshop Tip #4

Style, style, style! As soon as I saw the halter neck and the pleats I grabbed this off the rack. Although colour wise this version is nothing like the original white worn by Marilyn, the style of the dress is so iconic now that most people would still get the vintage reference. Don't be afraid to mess with a classic. 

A kiss on the hand may be quite continental but Salvo's are a girl's best friend' ;)

'Some Like it 'Op'

I'm not sure I'd be a good Marilyn impersonator but I am good with a corny one liner :P 

And here is my personal haul for the day! :P 

Leopard print jacket, New Old Stock retro style dress, pink sling backs, leopard print belt, those faux black pearls I wore for the Marilyn look, fluro beads and Hawaiian board shorts!