It's Dream Week at Look Good...Feel Better!

I am super chuffed to be helping promote Dream Week this year for Look Good...Feel Better, Australia. I am already a regular volunteer for their workshops but was very honoured to be asked to create a video for them this year.

Dream Week is LGFB's major fundraising week of the year and the money raised helps to run workshops for cancer patients who are undergoing treatment and suffering appearance related side effects (things like skin redness and dryness, and hair loss).

Some people may think that teaching someone with cancer, something as simple as drawing on their eyebrows, is a very superficial thing to do during such a serious time in someone's life, but I actually believe that these workshops are a lot more than teaching hair & makeup skills.  

Power over appearance is not a vanity, it is in fact part of how we tell the world who we are. It is directly linked to our identity and our inner selves. 

At a time when a person is going through the traumatic loss of health and identity, these skills give them back some control over their situation and therefore also give them back some peace of mind. Having these practical skills gives people the power to choose who they want to be, rather than what the disease has forced upon them.

As a volunteer I can vouch for the amazing impact these kinds of workshops have on the participants, who often come in feeling very understandably sad and down, and leave feeling much more confident and happy having learned valuable skills, bonded with other women in a similar situation and had the chance to smile and laugh for a few magic hours.

Please take a few minutes to watch this video and we would love your help to keep Look Good...Feel Better! continuing their great work! Thanks!

Kitty xxx

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